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Sources of High Cholesterol

Most Cholesterol is Produced by Your Body, Based on Your Family History.

It may surprise you to know that our bodies make all the cholesterol we need. When your doctor takes a blood test to measure your cholesterol level, the doctor is actually measuring the amount of circulating cholesterol in your blood, or your blood cholesterol level. About 85 percent of your blood cholesterol level is produced by your body. The amount of cholesterol your body produces is based on your genes. So for many people despite a careful diet and regular exercise high cholesterol is an inherited problem.

Cholesterol from the Foods You Eat.

The other 15 percent of your total cholesterol comes from an external source -- your diet. Cholesterol from food (dietary cholesterol) is hard to get away from, even though you may be watching your diet. That’s because many basic foods such as red meat, poultry, fish, seafood certain oils and most dairy products produce cholesterol. Each time you eat, cholesterol from food is absorbed by your digestive tract. It then makes its way into your liver and can circulate through your body in your bloodstream. Add cholesterol from food to the hereditary cholesterol your body already makes and you can see why there is so much concern about cholesterol in our diet.

When you make poor food choices the normal level of cholesterol already present in your blood can be increased to unsafe levels from the consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats in those foods.

This increase in dietary cholesterol is what causes the build-up of plaques that can narrow or block your blood vessels. If the coronary arteries of your heart become blocked, a heart attack can occur. The blocked artery can also develop rough edges. This can cause plaques to break off and travel, obstructing blood vessels elsewhere in the body. A blocked blood vessel in the brain can trigger a stroke. It is this plaque buildup which is most troublesome.

Rest assured High cholesterol and  your risk of heart problems is treatable and can be corrected faster than you may believe. If you are careful with your diet and exercise regularly and still find your cholesterol levels too high or out of balance you may want to look into a natural solution which thousands of others in your situation have used to solve their high cholesterol problems in as few as six weeks.

Here is what one user had to say about this solution…

After searching the internet for alternative medication in the fight against cholesterol, I found Cholesterol Care. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying this so I ordered it. I began taking Cholesterol Care 2 months before my next check up. Well, to my surprise and my doctors, my cholesterol count had dropped 43 points! Wow, this stuff really works! I will continue to use this product because it works and because there are no side effects from using it!

JL, McKinney, Texas

Another who solved his high cholesterol problem...

January 05 my cholesterol was 240. My doctor wanted to put me on a prescription. After seeing the side effects listed on the commercials for the prescriptions I wanted something else. I found Cholesterol Care on the internet and since I had heard of red yeast decided to give it a try.

Total Cholesterol






I started Cholesterol Care the end of January. My next check was late April and my numbers were:

Total Cholesterol






I am looking forward to seeing what the numbers are at my next checkup in January.

Thank You,
Robert R, Pensacola, Fl

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