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Below are Some Testimonials from People Who Have Used Products Containing Many of the Ingredients Mentioned on this Site

All of the Testimonials listed Below are Unsolicited.

OMG your chlosterol product lowered mine from 229 to 181 in 2 weeks, the DR said whatever I was doing to keep it up. I told him about taking your product and he said I should become a spokesmodel for your company...LOL !!! thanks again for giving me my health back for this is priceless....

S. Hart Tucson Az



I found the Cholesterol Care product to be highly effective. I'd decided to try it for a two-month trial period, and then had a lipid panel taken and found my total cholesterol had dropped nearly 100 points. I'm a believer.

A. J. Durango co.



Just wanted to give you some feedback. After using Cholesterol Care for just a month, my cholesterol is down to 185 from 287. The only other change I made was cutting out heavy cream and reducing my intake of eggs and cheese. I have not increased my exercise, but that will be next.

Thanks for a great product!
Jack R.


To Whom it May Concern,
I recently purchased Cholesterol Care to help reduce my high cholesterol. When I began taking Cholesterol Care my cholesterol count was 263 and in a very short time it has been lowered to 200. I have never found a product that was so safe and worked so well....I could not be happier.

Thank You,
Bonnie. M, Housatonic, Mass


On August 11th of this year, I attended a health screening at my place of employment. I knew that my cholesterol had been slowly climbing over the past several years (I'm male and 47), but I never expected to hear what they told me...that my total cholesterol was at 252, and HDL was only 37.

I decided to do something about it, and found your Cholesterol Care product. Along with a much healthier diet and just a little exercise, I took your product religiously beginning in late August. I made an appointment with my doctor for November 18th, and hoped my numbers would have time to improve, as I feared taking any statin drugs (my dad and both of my older brothers have high cholesterol, and are taking medications).

Much to my delight, my doctor called and gave me the results the next cholesterol of 133, and HDL of 46. LDL was only 62, triglycerides at 127. I have NEVER had that low of a total cholesterol number since I started having it checked at age 40. Your product truly does work, and I can't thank you enough...simply amazing results!!

Brent L


Just wanted you to know I have been taking the Cholesterol Care for four months, my Cholesterol was 303 four months ago, just came from the Dr. after test and my Cholesterol is 224 now. I am completely thrilled to get the Cholesterol to come down without a statin drug.

Thank you!!!!
Colleen R




My story began about 7 months ago while scanning the internet for alternative solutions on the fight against Cholesterol.

I was taking Lipitor that had been prescribed by my doctor. This medication caused me to experience muscle aches, liver problems and weakness in my legs and arms. I conveyed to my doctor that this was not the way I wanted to live my life and demanded that he take me off this medication.

After searching the internet for alternative medication in the fight against cholesterol, I found Cholesterol Care. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying this so I order it. I began taking Cholesterol Care 2 months before my next check up. Well, to my surprise and my doctors, my cholesterol count had dropped 43 points! Wow, this stuff really works! I will continue to use this product because it works and because there are no side effects from using it!

JL, McKinney, Texas


For information on the natural supplements these people used to solve their high cholesterol problems or to learn more about lowering your cholesterol in 8 weeks or less click here.

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